Dental Hygienist in Alabama

Published: 16th November 2011
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Interest throughout the U.S. for dental hygienist training is growing quickly. Owing to the on going population rise in the country, the elderly retaining more teeth, along with a widening focus on preventative care and dental health knowledge, the requirement of hygienists is expect to increase by 38 percent by 2018, making dental hygiene among the swiftest expanding occupations in the usa.

Interest in dental hygiene is undoubtedly high within Alabama. Presently, the average compensation for a professional dental hygienist throughout The state of alabama is $66,000 annually!

As a dental hygiene professional in Alabama you'll usually work as an element of the oral health team. You'll have a essential task in helping the population in developing and maintaining excellent oral health. Upon having received your oral hygienist permit, you'll be able to work directly with a dental practitioner and you will be qualified to undertake a lot of the day-to-day tasks in the dental practice.

As a new dental hygienist in The state of alabama you will have a great number of responsibilities within a typical dental office. Followed below is a range of the day-to-day tasks performed by the hygiene professional:

  • Scheduling diagnostic tests with the dental practitioner

  • Evaluating and documenting a client's dental health

  • Cleaning the patients teeth to remove unattractive stains, oral plaque buildup, or tartar buildup

  • Tooth polishing

  • Taking and decoding oral x-ray photos

  • Putting on fluorides, varnishes, and even hole & fissure sealants to stop cavities

As a dental hygienist in Alabama, you can expect to work together with the dentist to identify problems & remedy patients.

In order to practice dental hygiene throughout AL, you will need to hold a legitimate dental hygiene license from the Dental Examiner's Board of Alabama. There are three steps you will need to follow in an attempt to acquire your dental hygiene license in Alabama:

  • Obtain a certificate from an approved dental hygienist program

  • Satisfy the requirements for the mandatory examinations for a oral hygiene license

  • Submit your application for a AL dental hygienist permit

The licensing examinations required in Alabama are:

  • The National Hygiene Board Exam

  • A Localized Clinical Assessment

  • The Alabama Jurisprudence Exam

The Alabama Board of Dental Examiners allows Regional Clinical Assessments from the subsequent testing agencies:

  • The North East Regional Board (NERB)

  • The Central Regional Dental Testing Service (CRDTS)

  • Southern Regional Testing Agency (SRTA)

  • Western Regional Examination Board (WREB)

A successful score of 75% or above is required on one of the preceding assessments so that you can submit an application for your dental hygiene license in Alabama.

Before you can sit for the assessments, it's best to receive CPR certification. Often this can be done concurrently as part of your dental hygiene training program.

Once you have taken the aforementioned licensing examinations, you may then apply for your Alabama Dental Hygiene License.

Once you've your dental hygienist license and start looking for a job, it is essential to bear in mind you have many career options accessible to you. In addition to the common role of working in a private dental practice, there are plenty of additional dental hygiene jobs available in Alabama, including working in:

  • Specialized dental practices

  • Private hospitals

  • Retirement communities

  • Dental hygiene education

  • Insurance

  • Government service

  • Oral product sales

  • Supervision and consulting

  • Public health

  • Research

  • Public school system

For additional information regarding dental hygienist training or licensing requirements in your state, please visit -- from accredited dental hygiene degree programs to the most recent dental hygienist job listings, your ultimate resource for dental hygienists in the US!

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